Valice Website Platform

$59.95 /month

Future-proof your investment with our website-as-a-service model.

Your Valice Website is professionally managed, monitored and kept up-to-date. And, with addons for introducing new functionality, design components and content changes; your Valice Website is in a constant state of progression.

What is a Valice Website?

Valice Websites are well-maintained, secure, stable and expandable. Valice has assembled the best content management system (WordPress) with the best theme framework (Genesis) and plugins to optimize performance, security and maintainability. The components of a Valice Website include:

Clean & Lean Code

We work to minimize the behind-the-scenes complexities of themes and plugins. All plugin and theme code is scrutinized and modified when necessary, before it ever makes its way into a Valice Website. You can trust that any theme or plugin configured on your Valice Website has been thoroughly tested and reviewed. This means that all Valice Websites must be designed and configured by Valice or a Valice Partner.

Secure Environment

Valice Websites are protected from the malicious through various layers and dimensions of security and always have peace-of-mind backups in the event that something happens.


Your website will be updated regularly for security, technology and feature enhancements. We also introduce new functionality regularly to take advantage of new technologies and trends. Valice Websites will always be compatible with these new functionalities which will keep them growing and expanding.
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How to get a Valice Website

Option 1:
Choose a Package

Shop our website packages for turn-key design and functionality combinations.
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Option 2:
Build a Package

Build your own website package by adding a theme (design) and plugins (functionality) to your quote and we’ll send you back a package price.
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Option 3:
Move and Retro Existing WordPress Website

We work with many WordPress website owners who are happy with their design but not with their ongoing support and service. Valice will retro your core WordPress installation, theme and functionality to ensure it’s secure and qualified as a Valice Website.
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