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Components designed to meet the needs of both site owners and developers

Hosting Features

Security & Site Protection
Easy-to-Use Control Panel
Optimized Speed
Backup Management
Domain and DNS Manager
Scalable & Flexible Plans
One-Click CMS Installers
Onboarding & Migrations

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Future-proof your website investment with a Valice Website

Valice brings together WordPress content management, modern design, solid functionality, and an optimized hosting environment for a more complete and hassle-free website. From $59.95 /month

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Valice Website Subscription Highlights

Website Management

  • Core WordPress Updates
  • Valice Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Site-level Code Repository
  • Access to New and Updated Functionality
  • SEO-Ready Framework

Performance & Security

  • Hardened WordPress Installation
  • Site Scanning and Monitoring
  • Login Page Protection
  • Site Caching
  • Database Separation
  • Nginx File Serving

Hosting Resources

  • From 10GB Premium File Storage
  • From 512MB Memory / 1 vCPU
  • From 50GB Monthly Data Transfer
  • DNS Management

About Valice

We started providing website design and hosting solutions well before the age of mobile computing and lightning fast internet connections but have kept up with advancing technologies. As both the web and business landscapes evolve, so must we.

Valice takes an an eager yet practical approach to new and evolving website and hosting practices — ensuring that we continue to deliver strong value in all of our services — making us a strong fit for modestly conservative but forward-looking businesses and organizations.